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Oas-is – The world’s best Oasis tribute – Interview

Oas-is, the top tribute band, who recently celebrated 25 years of Definitely Maybe at O2 Academy Islington with a show featuring Creation Records founder Alan McGee and a set by official Oasis tour DJ Phil Smith, will be playing at Watersplash Jersey on September 14.

Tickets available from while stocks last – we expect this event to sell out. BUY

Facebook event page

Oas-is are currently busy selling out venues around the UK with their lauded Definitely Maybe 1994-2019 tour. We caught up with them to ask a few questions about what they do and their views on the irrepressible avatars of British rock ‘n’ roll on which they model their act.

Oas-is – The world’s best Oasis tribute band – as seen on Channel 4’s The Last Leg.

Five Oasis fanatics who live and breathe Manchester’s finest band and are now dedicated to giving you the best look and sound that you should expect from an Oasis tribute band.

Oas-is is made up of experienced musicians who have toured all around the world and who take great pride in reproducing the classic Oasis sound with frightening accuracy and all the attitude you would expect from the real thing. No wigs, no fancy gimmicks, just the closest you will get to recreating the sound of Oasis.

What’s the story? Some might say Oas-is are definitely, not maybe, the best tribute out there.

For booking please either send them a Facebook message or email



Who’s who in the band and for long have you been doing this together?

The band consists of Aaron (Liam), Stuart (Noel), James (Bonehead/Gem), Shaun (Guigsy/Andy Bell) and Aaron (Tony McCarroll). We’ve been doing the tribute for six years now, having all come from original bands previously.

What has been your most memorable Oas-is show so far?

We’ve been lucky enough to play some monster shows but easily the one that always stands out is Rock City in Nottingham. We’ve played it twice, both to sold out crowds and the crowd are always amazing. This is the show that always springs to mind when asked but we’ve played lots of great shows to be honest. Oasis crowds are without doubt the best crowds to play to!

Where were you when you heard your first Oasis song?

Most of us have been into Oasis since the early days (’94-’95) so would have been around the Whatever era with Some Might Say and Morning Glory album.

What was the first Oasis record you bought and on what format?

Our Liam is a huge collector so has all the singles and albums on all formats but probably would have been Whatever on cassette.

When was your first time seeing Oasis live?

Our Liam has seen Oasis around 30 times, all over the UK and Europe. His first Oasis gig was Knebworth on the Sunday!

What’s your favourite Liam quote?

Too many to mention! One that always sticks in the mind is from around 2000 – “I’m not into all this morbid music where all these people are in pain, well my ears are in pain listening to your music you twat!”

What’s your favourite Noel quote?

Again, too many to mention! On Liam – “He’s like a man with a fork in a world of soup.”

Have you ever met any Oasis members?

Yes our Liam has met all except Andy Bell and Guigsy.

What is your favourite Oasis line-up?

Difficult one as they all brought something different. Probably from 2000 onwards with Gem and Andy as musically they became a lot better.

Do you own any Oasis memorabilia and if so what and how did you get it?

Yes our Liam is a huge collector and has collected Oasis memorabilia since 1995. He has wardrobes, cupboards and attic space full of all the official releases, promos, rare items, and signed items.

Do any of you fight like Liam and Noel?

No. We’re probably the least rock ‘n’ roll band out there! We all get on pretty well to be fair.

Between Liam and Noel, whose solo career do you prefer?

Either. They are both different in their own ways so it’s just great to have them both release albums and songs.

Back in the ’90s were you Blur or Oasis?

It was always Oasis. However, we all like Blur too to be honest. Our drummer Aaron (Tony McCarroll) is a huge fan of Blur.

You Can Have It All – An Oasis mix by Bubblebrain Records


Sanctuary Rocks! at Watersplash Jersey, 26 July 2019

Sanctuary Trust, the Jersey-based charity organisation supporting homeless men in the community, has teamed up with Bubblebrain Records to raise funds by staging a top-notch live music event at Watersplash Jersey on Friday, 26 July 2019. Some of the greatest Jersey music talents are coming together for the cause: FlashMob, The Cryptics, Mispers, Hoodu, and rock musician and label supremo Jim Dolan as DJ/host. The first band of the night takes the stage at at 9:30 pm. It’s free entry. Event-goers are encouraged to kindly donate using the links provided below or on the night. Every donation, big or small, is greatly appreciated.

Sanctuary Trust provides accommodation and support to men who have reached a crisis in their lives and need help to get back into society. Supported men can have a range of issues: Homelessness; economic hardship; domestic violence; mental health issues; family/relationship breakdown or addiction issues, be it gambling, drugs or alcohol.

Every donation means a lot to Sanctuary Trust and the men they support. Please donate here with PayPal button or via their JustGiving page by clicking here: Donations

Learn more about the crucial work that Sanctuary Trust does by clicking on the picture link below.

Introducing the bands …


FlashMob’s music can be compared to that of a roller-coaster – fast-paced, heavy on the senses and a whole lot of fun. What started as a mock band who wrote songs that not even the members of FlashMob can bring themselves to speak out loud anymore, quickly became a smorgasbord of sound that prides itself on having the most fun possible on stage.

Sam Delanoe (vocals/guitar)
Sam Mézec (guitar/keyboard)
Martin Powell (bass)
Henry Matson (drums)

Influences: Motley Crue, AC/DC, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Slash


FlashMob ‘Plastic Thrills’ artwork by Sylvain de Razorimages

The Cryptics

One of Jersey’s longest serving bands, The Cryptics have been wowing audiences and making girls dance since the year 2000. They have played far and wide, and shared stages with the likes of the Cynics, the Hentchmen and the Paybacks.

Live shows guarantee dancing,light shows, lasers and the famous Cryptic backdrop of cool and trashy clips projected onto the band as they play. They proudly hold the title of Jersey’s only Garage band – in a field of crusty troubadours and bland cover bands – regularly treating their audiences to a savage blend of Garage, Twist, Beat and Frat.

Screamin’ Jonny Moth (vocals/harmonica)
GTO (guitar/vocals)
Woody ‘W’ Woodsman (drums)
The Countess (bass)


The Cryptics on the town


Paul Condron-Dorey (vocals/guitar)
Donovan Barrett (drums)
Luke Le Clercq (bass)

To mark the release of their demo Lines of Thought, Mispers met Jazmin L’Amy for an interview about their influences, work process, and plans for the future of the band. Here are some quotes from it, and there’s a link to the whole article below.

How do you go about your song writing process?

Donovan: Paul, that’s the quickest way to sum it up. He does really well with creating melodies and structure which me and Luke will sometimes mess around with too, as well as our own parts. We’re quite keen now to move more towards radio play so we’ve been talking about 3 minute songs with something quite poppy and catchy.

Luke: We just jam along and before we know it we’re like ‘damn we’ve done another 5 minute long song.’ We’re currently labelling everything as a demo just to get people to listen to our music first. With a demo we’ve got that safety net of ‘ah okay they’re just starting out, not thinking they’re too big for their boots.’ Eventually we’d like to find a decent studio over here and record an album, or potentially a couple of EPs.

Paul: Most of our influences come from Foals, Alt-J, Radiohead, Bear’s Den. In some of the melodies we’ve definitely taken inspiration from bands like Keane, who I grew up listening to. The three of us like really different styles of music, Donny is into rock music and I know Luke’s big into punk so it helps to give us that raw sound.

Mispers photo by Yasmin Hannah


3-piece alternative rock band with a wide range of influences.

Luke Hepburn (guitars/vocals)
Lorne Campbell (bass guitar)
Lucas Saunter (drums)

Hoodu’s sound is mainly influenced by heavier artists like the ’90s Sub Pop style with more of a psychedelic feel. Luke has been in a couple of Jersey bands in the past and played at a few events, and also been back and forth doing solo acoustic stuff on Jersey and in Brighton. Drummer Lucas has a lot of experience playing with bands of varied styles, perhaps being best known for drumming with Rat Salad and resident engineer at Orbital Studio. Bassist Lorne has been in the UK for the past couple of years, writing his own music as well as focusing on production.



Facebook event page
Sanctuary Trust on Twitter


B-Eazy – Made In Meriden (Review)

There is a category of hip hop records dealing with the subject of alcohol and drug addiction. These records can express vividly the paradox of hedonism, being too fun to quit and too damaging to continue. I Feel Like Dying by Lil Wayne and Starting Over by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are noteworthy examples. The appeal of these songs is clear: Fans experiencing similar personal challenges can find comfort and strength in their idols’ testimonies, and the artists help others to find their own way out of the darkness.

Hip hop musician, rapper and lyricist B-Eazy has released an album of this kind in partnership with Bout Dat Online, the media production company working with at-risk young people, engaging and supporting them through a variety of community initiatives. Made In Meriden is, in B-Eazy’s words, ‘a look back on the years 2010-2012 when I was heavily into drink and drugs, battling depression, my girlfriend left me and I’d just became a parent for the first time. It looks at the transition from losing everything to turning my life around and getting it all back. A pretty deep project.’

For the project, B-Eazy has mobilised an impressive team of rappers and producers giving the ten-song set a pleasingly collective feel. Standout features include Verse 1 and JimiDkiD on One Too Many, a frank report from the brink of a wasted weekend. The success of these verses with imagery of numbed resignation and portents of disease, squandered talent, and physical aggravation is in the understated delivery.

Brainwashed with Lloyd Luther and Verse 1 launches from a point of isolated anguish to a dizzying wide-angle zoom taking in a landscape in which governments and media organisations conspire to keep people hooked on lies. This pivotal track provides dystopian context with unflinching clarity, and in Luther’s strident declamations, more than a hint of resistance.

Throughout the album the music is solidly produced, varied and interesting. Particularly striking are the beats of Pimp’s & Ho’s constructed out of slices of Wake Up by the Neville Brothers. Isolated from their origins in the social tensions of New Orleans in the early ’90s, these artfully scrambled chunks of agitated funk provide an effective setting for B-Eazy to extend his metaphor pruriently, shockingly, as if picking at scabs.

A triumph of gilded production and lyrical simplicity is the FabSounds-produced Love is Sienna. Delivered as a father reflecting on reconciliation with his beloved family – the title refers to B-Eazy’s eldest daughter – the accompanying music is a delicate patchwork of blossomy, woozy soul. The congruity of words and music achieves emotional resolution as the album reaches its closing phase. Uncertainties fall away and a redeeming message shines through clearly: ‘All I ever think is love’.

The healing atmosphere is continued in the last track, Don’t Wake Me, with its pastoral neo-folk quotations and its picture of a dad healed and whole again after conquering his demons. It’s probably the most candid and tender track that B-Eazy has produced, even by his standards as a lyricist commendably unafraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Not quite everyone B-Eazy meets in the music industry supports his direction as an artist tackling the subjects of learning, growing, and putting his family at the centre of his artistic mise-en-scène. A promoter once told him rapping about his love for his kids made them uncomfortable as it is ‘too personal’. We couldn’t disagree more with that assessment. This artist, who has been producing tirelessly for over a decade, has just produced his most mature work yet.


Nirvana UK Live at The Watersplash Jersey

Nirvana UK is a touring Nirvana tribute band based in the West Midlands, formed by die-hard Nirvana fans who love nothing more than recreating Nirvana’s live music and look for other fans. The band strives to be as close to the real deal as possible, including the same clothes, instruments, effect boxes, drums and preamps that the band used, to ensure they recreate the distinctive Nirvana sound.

Jez – Kurt Cobain
Dan – Krist Novoselic
Jon – Dave Grohl

On December 1, 2018, Nirvana UK played the Channel Island of Jersey for the first time at the enduring landmark venue known by islanders simply as the Splash. To say Nirvana UK made a strong impression is to put it mildly. Requests from music fans for Bubblebrain Records to invite them back to Jersey haven’t let up since. It was electrifying to witness such a deep, faithful interpretation of Nirvana’s music, and evident that the trio had a blast performing at this show.

Such an amazing night guys! Just recovered now! Do you have some dates when Nirvana UK will be back again? Maybe I’ll have to book a few days off to recover! So good! Best night at Splash since the old school nights! 🤙 🕺🏽 👽 — Mish Matthews

Playlist of four songs from Nirvana UK at Watersplash Jersey

Massive thanks to everyone who came out to our SOLD OUT show last night at Watersplash Jersey. That felt like a proper old school Nirvana club gig, moshing and casualties start to finish. AMAZING!!! — Nirvana UK

Thanks to Watersplash Jersey for the venue, Raw Audio for the stage and sound, Flavio Martins for the lights, DJ Pip for hip tunes, David Bailey for stills photography, Gary Law for audio recording, Chris Almond for video, and James Dolan the event manager. Supporting acts on the night were Howl and Vagus. Ticket sales powered by Book It.

Howl played a set of their brand of heavy rock, loaded with creamy distortion and high-powered rhythms. In this video they perform From the Ashes to the eager Splash audience.

Vagus, known for proggy, krautrock-influenced epics, presents a mutated sound further towards incisive, fiery pop rock. We Salute You is one of two new songs the band delivered in their set.

Big thanks to David Bailey for these photos of the show. David has brilliantly captured the atmosphere and action of the night. Thanks to the bands who made it a night to remember!


Hot Plastic – Keep Up (Video)

Nic Dinnie, singer/guitarist/producer, Elisa Da Silva, bassist, and Jon Caws, drummer, collectively as Hot Plastic harness the energy of kinetic momentum. Offsetting behind-the-scenes insights in a frame of thoughtful design, presenting authentic experience of studio and gigging life, they work hard at their craft and know how to have a good time doing it. On Jersey, Hot Plastic is a success story already, not because of out-of-the-park social media metrics – yet! – but because Nic and crew are the epitome of DIY industriousness and their shows are tremendous good times.

The band asked us to make a video for their song Keep Up. Nic gave The Blue Note Bar an atmosphere of a theatrical stage set with furrowed drapes lit from the sides to deepen shadows. A micro-stage for the dancing feet sequences was set up on a patch of floor with a single spotlight that guests were invited to use to show off their fancy moves or cool footwear, or both. As this brilliant indie-pop group performed on stage, Gary, James, and Chris (just about) avoided getting in each other’s way filming the proceedings. The resulting video, complete with bouncing ball on the lyrics just like in karaoke, is a fast-paced treat. The song is a dazzling pop gem replete with hooks, mixed and mastered with skilful economy, featuring a toothsome guitar riff that jangles in the ears long after the final chord rings out. The no-nonsense groove at its heart is serious business – just listen to the outro section’s articulated funk and marvel at its balanced application of fierce chops with deft lightness of touch.

Thanks to the band for allowing us to be a part of their story. Follow them for non-stop news as they plot their success.


A song all about having some fun!

Apple Music

The Keep Up T-shirt is available here


Vagus – Black Plant EP

Songs from the band’s 2016 summer festivals set featuring material inspired by the street poetry of Damo Suzuki, the nonconformity of Sonic Youth, and the liquid nature of Neu!

Recorded at Gary Law’s home studio on Jersey.

Alice Gee organ and backing vocals
Jonny Hill edrums
Gary Law bass and production
James Dolan guitar and lead vocals

The paintings used for the cover design were specially commissioned from Jersey/London artist Danny Romeril.

Cover layouts and CD label design by Chris Almond and Gary Law.
CD duplication and packaging by Band CDs

Compact Disc (Edition of 50) plus digital download – Buy



7digitalDeezerApple Music

Juno DownloadKKBOX






Vagus performed on the main stage at Groove de Lecq 2016. Black Plant, the latest EP from Vagus has studio versions of songs from that festival season when Gary, Alice, James, and Jonny were writing under musical influences of Stereolab, Can, and Neu! amongst others.



Outrage Against the Machine and Summer Sizzler with Jenca Music School

James Dolan was interviewed recently by Thomas Ogg, feature writer for Jersey Evening Post. Here is the interview in which James talks about the forthcoming Summer Sizzler event on June 23 and a show by Outrage Against the Machine with support from Any Given Sunday and Vagus later that night at Watersplash Jersey.

Thomas Ogg: What can islanders expect from Outrage Against the Machine?

James Dolan: They can expect an epic show. These guys really put on a performance. Their sound is spot-on and pretty much the closest thing to Rage Against the Machine. Not only do they sound the same they also really play the part well. Check out the YouTube video to see exactly what I mean.

TO: When did you first develop an interest in music? Who were the first bands/artists you got into?

JD: I first got really into the wonderful world of rock in my early teens. I was given a mix tape with the Pixies, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop and all these mind-blowing bands. I was hooked and when I first saw Rage Against the Machine on a late night arts show on BBC Two in the ’90s I made sure I was there show as soon as they came to London.

TO: When and how did you first form Bubblebrain Records? What were your ambitions for the company?

JD: Bubblebrain Records came into existence a little over two years ago now. Since starting we’ve been overwhelmed from the support and interest from all over the world and have worked with some amazing and inspiring artists.

TO: How would you describe the music of Vagus?

JD: The music of Vagus is a wonderful mix of psychedelic tones, driving beats and basslines, haunting vocals and sinister synth sounds heavily influenced by the krautrock movement of the early ’70s.

TO: If you had to pick a single Vagus track to introduce a newcomer to your music, which would it be, and why?

JD: I’d have to say Tokyo, it’s pretty bonkers and definitely a great introduction to our weird and wonderful world of Vagus.

TO: What do you think makes Rage Against the Machine such an iconic American band?

JD: What makes them such an iconic band is the mix of hip hop and metal. Their live performances are truly unforgettable. The energy and perfectly crafted lyrics make them easily one of the greatest bands of all time.

TO: What – if push comes to shove – is your all-time favourite Rage Against the Machine track, and why?

JD: My favourite would have to be a track called Wake Up from their first album. They sample Kashmir by Led Zeppelin and it just blows my mind.

TO: What has been your most memorable experience while performing over the years?

JD: There are so many great memories but I’d have to say our most recent tour of Sri Lanka. We played some amazing shows out there. Some of the venues were breathtaking. We had to pinch ourselves playing in 36° heat just a few feet from the Indian Ocean. The standout moment for me was when we headlined the Sion Surf festival. It was amazing to see all these people singing along and I had the honour of the town’s most legendary Rasta joining me on stage for the final number. I felt truly blessed.

TO: What do you think makes the Watersplash such a good venue for these sort of events?

JD: The Splash is such an iconic venue set in one of the most beautiful spots on the island. It’s definitely held some of the greatest events Jersey has ever seen and is sure to continue. Its epic sound system and beautiful views makes it such an ideal venue for both day and night events. Summer Sizzler will be an outstanding day and Outrage are gonna blow the roof off.

TO: Finally, what other Bubblebrain Records events can Islanders look forward to this year?

JD: Bubblebrain Records have a busy summer ahead as well as working with Jenca Music School on Summer Sizzler we also have some events planned bringing live acts back to the Havana Club. We’ve also got some pretty big releases coming up like the first Vagus album and Craig Smith’s project. Plus DJing at Club X nights every Saturday at Chili Bar and hopping back and forth from London and Brighton checking out the best unsigned acts. We are busy little bees.

Plans are also underway for an event at a secret location at the end of the summer. The event won’t be announced on social media, it’ll be totally word of mouth, even the bands won’t know the venue until a few days before. So keep your ears to the ground and watch out for the signs!

Mozaics are the headline act at Summer Sizzler on Saturday 23 June. They are celebrating recent top 10 success on MTV and over 100,000 views in two weeks of their new single Before We Grow Old. Click on the picture above to watch the music video.

Serkedian wowed the crowd recently at Peas & Glove’s Permanent Olly Day 4 2018. With fans eagerly awaiting the release of The Balance produced by Wilson Nash, they’ll be joining the Summer Sizzler lineup and plenty of other talent-studded events this summer. Click on the picture above to enjoy a performance of forthcoming single Fire by Serkeidian.

Other acts performing during the day at Summer Sizzler

Sick Boy – 4-piece punk rock band doing covers of Sex Pistols, GBH, The Stranglers etc.

BENNY THE MOTH – The band formerly known as Benny the Moth and The Erogenous Zones. Original reggae-funk-rock fusion.

The Howling Soul Brothers – 5-piece rhythm ‘n’ blues covers band: Rob Page, Paul Sharkey, Chris Mousdale, Aaron Brown and James Bell.

The L Is M Band Classic Oldskool Sounds – Jersey’s premier soul and funk band, voted best tribute band for their age and price range, featuring Jenca Music School’s own bass tutor, ‘Mr. Funk’ himself Dougie Joseph.

NIGHT@NICK’S – This very new band brings together Mark Anders and Jerry Robins after 45 years when they played together professionally in the Decca Records-signed The Parlour Band.

Mark Anders went on to play in A Band Called O and subsequently moved to the business side of the music industry working in various record and publishing companies. He returned to Jersey in 2013 to retire but currently consults for a European publishing house. He is also the chair of Youth Arts Jersey.

They are joined by Colin Le Masurier (who has performed with Jerry in The Watsons for a number of years and has played in various local outfits, notably Sgt. Pipon’s and Red Tape) and Mark’s brother Clive Anders who is well known for not only his involvement with his brothers in The Intruders, Existence, Chameleon etc. but is also remembered for running a respected record shop in Les Quennevais precinct in the heyday of vinyl.

Hayley Smith & William Hunter – Acoustic duo available for weddings, corporate events, private functions, pubs, hotels, and any other occasion.

Nic Dinnie – Hot Plastic/Alex & Her/Desmond and the Tutus

Omar God – An enthusiastic and dynamic duo that create catchy rock tunes, Omar God perform a vibrant, unique and passionate show with evocative music and a raw live act.

Acoustic Shock featuring J.A.C.K. – Acoustic instrumental guitar duo formed in 2015 consisting of the dual talents of Martyn Cast and David Ashurst, both guitar tutors at Jenca Music School. The repertoire of Acoustic Shock is styled on covers in a varied array of musical styles.

Jenca Students Mashup – Jenca Music School is the first, original, and leading rock music school on Jersey established in 2001 offering Rock School popular/contemporary music tuition in drums, vocals, keyboard, piano, bass guitar, music production, recording, songwriting, and music theory.

Jenca Music School accepts students of all ages and levels of ability and offers a fun and dynamic style of tuition.


Hot Plastic – Live!

Hot Plastic – Live! Part 1/3 Early Reflections


In 2017 we hosted some ‘Bubblebrain Presents …’ shows, introducing musical talents that we feel particularly pleased to know and excited to work with. In April we filmed Hot Plastic, having recently got to know the duo of Nic Dinnie (vox, guitar, beats) and J (bass) who were super kind to help us put the night together. They played this set of intense, rocking out, weird, loveable, dissociative electropop. We’re not sure where it all began, but this is where we came in.


The Troubadour 21/4/17

00:00 Catching Bullets
03:00 Good and Guilty
06:31 Give Me Your Love
11:31 Time Bombs
15:38 Head to the Side
20:27 Run Away


Picture Gallery – Click to expand

Photos by Chris Almond


Hot Plastic – Live! Part 2/3 Interview hosted by The Official Gary Law


Interviewer Gary tackles the issues that matter with Nic and J of Hot Plastic. As they prepare for destinations abroad – Nic to London and J to the Czech Republic – Gary has the questions other interviewers lacking the necessary minerals refrain from asking. We learn Nic and J will share a pair of trousers on the reunion tour, why J must follow her heart, and which band is the best on Jersey according to Nic.



Hot Plastic – Live! Part 3/3 All Hallows’ Eve


Hot Plastic appeared as if out of nowhere and triumphed at every venue, festival and party they could find. We’re happy to have been at the right time and place to make this document of one of the best bands of the Channel Islands.

Nic Dinnie – vocals, guitar
J – bass
George Gallichan – drums
Ondrej Malina – lead guitar on Give Me Your Love


The Green Rooster 27/10/17

00:00 Catching Bullets
02:59 Run Away
07:04 Give Me Your Love
14:19 Searchlights
17:36 Time Bombs
22:33 Apple
27:28 Candice


So 2018 …

We have said goodbye to our wonderful Jay who has moved on to the Czech Republic with Ondrej. So that leaves us with an epic year full of memories and great times. The show must go on and this year will see some changes made.

2017 was hard and fun like moving to a new high school and finding your way around. Luckily we walked straight into the Bubblebrain boys. Needless to say a lot of fun was had and more to come. ― Hot Plastic



Vagus with The Counts – Sri Lanka Tour 2018

Vagus, neo-krautrock band based on Jersey, UK, embark on a tour of Sri Lanka in February 2018. The band formed in 2015 and played recently at Jersey Opera House, Weekender Festival, Groove de Lecq, Havre Des Pas Festival, Rock the Rock Alderney, the Troubadour, and Blue Note Bar.

Vagus’ album Welcome to Wizardland has been recorded at Orbital Studio and is being mixed by the band’s bassist Gary Law.

The two-week tour of Sri Lanka comprises seven shows, music, and creative and spiritual workshops. The tour is being promoted in Sri Lanka by Sion Surf Camp.


Surf and yoga camp in South Sri Lanka
Vagus – James Dolan, Jonny Hill, Gary Law, and Steve Le Long
Tour Director – Lee De Louche

February 2 – The Manchester, Colombo

February 3 – Sunbeach Hotel, Hikkaduwa

February 4 – The Doctor’s House, Madhia

February 6 – Surf View, Mirissa

February 8 – Mauvies Bar, Ahangama

February 9 – Sion Surf BBQ, Ahangama

February 11 – Sion Surf Competition & Festival, Ahangama

Sion Surf Camp is a cosy holiday home for solo travelers, families and groups of friends that want to experience Sri Lanka in a healthy and sustainable manner. With surfing and yoga as the main activities, visitors will also be able to get a taste of the local culture and food.


Lee De Louche is a Jerseyman whose creative achievements as an event promoter, multimedia artist and painter on Jersey are well known, and who has settled his family and a successful business in Ahangama, Sri Lanka, maintaining close connections with many friends from Jersey who visit regularly to surf and relax. Lee has a particularly special relationship with the Sri Lankan locals with whom he survived the tsunami following the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and went on to assist with raising money and helping to rebuild the village where his surf camp is situated.

Vagus will be one of very few UK bands ever to tour Sri Lanka, a rare privilege for a band from Jersey, an island that prides itself on its international reputation. This tour is made by a collective proudly representing Jersey’s creative community. With this project come further opportunities to develop a warm and effective relationship between not only Vagus but a wider Jersey music scene and the fine people who manage Sion Surf Camp and all the other great venues on the tour.


With coordinated initiative, Vagus aims to build on the successes of Electro Looks and AK-47, made in 2016 with Birthday Gurl and Tom Hughes respectively, and Chris Almond’s dispatch from the band’s inception around a kitchen table in Pier Road, Gutsty (2015). The promotional impact of those videos has helped to grow a fanbase and with release of the self-funded Condensed Tin cassette expanded an international network of fans leading to high profile bookings.

Supporting Vagus on the tour are The Counts, a bunch of old cunts who have random drunken jams at Sion Surf Camp with special guest Mel who has a lovely voice and once did open mic with Lee in Arugam Bay. Expect punk and all sorts. Half the band were playing as the In Outs some time ago at the Watersplash, Jersey.

Tour poster designed by Gary Law
Lee De Louche photo by Chris Almond
Vagus at Jersey Opera House photo by Simon Ropert