Vagus – Stage

It was planned as a single camera shot, nothing fancy. The audio was captured from the soundboard with a Technics tape deck. The sound quality at the beginning is poor due to a technical hitch, but bear with it – the sound improves a great deal around the 5 minute mark. The whole weekend of the festival was a lot of fun, and putting on a show and getting creative is what it’s all about. – Chris Almond

Although the set was in its early stages of development, we were determined to document the event in our own unique DIY/punkoid film style. Shot with a single camera and audio recorded to cassette tape, what was captured is something magical where everything seems to just fall into place a genuine psychedelic trip for the digital natives. Enjoy! – Gary Law

Fucking live for this not cock (rock) I need to feed my crack baby some of this wait what genre is this – Laura Grace Robles

00:00 Intro
02:08 Autobahn
07:38 Gutsty
13:50 Vitamins
19:18 AK-47
27:50 Electro Look

James Dolan – Guitar/vox/bass
Gary Law – Bass/guitar
Steve Le Long – Synth/vox
Jonny Hill – Drums

The Vagusettes: Helen Rose and Emma Hamon

Live audio mixed by Sam Falle
Stage lighting effects by Connor Stevenson Burgher
Video shot and edited by Chris Almond