The Gaa Gaas – Close Your Eyes (Movement-2 Records)


Raucous, edgy garage rock/post-punk specialists The Gaa Gaas contribute two versions of their song Indian Giver to our forthcoming digital download and limited edition cassette release in May. Before that they release new single Close Your Eyes on their own label. The official music video by London-based filmmaker Boldizsár CR shows a studio session with perturbing glimpses of televised warfare threatening to crack and collapse the familiar frame of reference. The effect coheres with the lyrics by Gavin Tate sneering at mass-mediated propaganda and reminding those who watch that “They tell us lies instead of truth!”

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Press for Close Your Eyes:

“The single is a controversial message inspired by recent catastrophic happenings in Syria, and evidences a kind of hard hitting, old school punk sensibility whilst still retaining that trademark Gaa Gaas fuzzed-up distortion.” — Cee Tee Jackson for Loud Horizon


“London/Brighton-based garage punks The Gaa Gaas have been treading the boards for a few years now, with their debut single Voltaire being released back in 2010. They now follow up two EPs and various songs released on a number of compilations with new single Close Your Eyes on Movement-2 Records. Produced by Ali Gavan (ex-The Electric Soft Parade), Close Your Eyes cuts a fierce blast of fuzzed-up art-rock punk right slap bang in your face.” — Sam Geary for Little Indie Blogs


“The Gaa Gaas put more than enough fury into their frenetic song Close Your Eyes to take it safely across the border from indie rock territory into the evergreen pasture that is, and always will be, post punk. The art school crowd will love this one.” — Bluesbunny


Close Your Eyes was featured on the Human Pleasure Radio show on March 14 2016.

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