The Gaa Gaas – A Video Trilogy

The Gaa Gaas had a productive year releasing their single Close Your Eyes to critical acclaim, headlining the alternative stage at Jersey Live, and collaborating with Vagus on a split cassette release Condensed Tin. Video editor Chris Almond created two impressionistic music videos for remixes by Arythmol as well as a film capturing part of the band’s triumphal Jersey Live festival performance.

A future-nostalgic daydream of a song by The Gaa Gaas – Arrows (Arythmol Remix)

Arythmol deconstructs The Gaa Gaas’ Close Your Eyes acoustic version, with footwork-influenced beats, bit-crunched synth guitar, and a video that mashes Gavin Tate’s original performance with contemporary footage of Russian bombing missions over Syria.

The Gaa Gaas had top billing on the Saturday night of Jersey Live 2016. Their first show on Jersey in a few years drew a curious, enthusiastic audience. It rained but the evening was pleasantly warm and the misty atmospheric conditions refracted the stage lights dramatically. Who knew what to expect? The Gaa Gaas are known for hardcore performances with plenty of improvisation. They pulled it off with aplomb and left the crowd wanting more.