The Completely Sane World of Riq Chiznik


A new digital album from Riq Chiznik on Bubblebrain Records, The Completely Sane World of Riq Chiznik is available from the following online stores

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Listen to Dogrubber Pickle Weasels (Single Version), a surrealistic lounge jazz song serving as introduction to the bizarre yet friendly sound of Riq Chiznik. This song is also available on an EP with remixes by Lux Flux and likeallstars.

Twelve songs of experimental comedy, avant-garde electronica and subversive songsmithery. The Bandcamp album package exclusively includes a 37-page e-book of original art and lyrics.


This is my album. w4t24y4 0-e3 I hope you enjoy my album. lkj53nnqnet Walnuts hate me. 53hjl8h7 I had a lot of fun messing with the English language. o h4o2g 92 After years of having it shoved down my throat in school, I have the pleasure of using it how I see fit. m 3ijg49w5 Slippery Johnny Taco Elephants have a habit of building ziggurats in unsuccessful attempts for real estate in the ozone layer. I find spelling and grammar rules restricting in life, so why not break them for fun? i350yqpo h The Chicago Cubs won the World Series and the election. I’m “too senior” to work as a Tax Compliance Officer. I like making a bunch of musical sounds to go along with my profound tales of Western Civilization. Someone help me decide between sushi and nachos and 3-t 30g2 g02v 018 y91 g1v – Riq Chiznik
Riq Chiznik synthesizes hitherto unexplored fusions of American abstract expressionism, poetic experimental practice, and cranky cacophonies to celebrate a dynamic threshold between the deliberations of language and the spontaneity of jazz. – Chris Almond