Randy Magnum aka SongwriterRandy

Born on a ranch in New Mexico … Hard work and hard times were no stranger.

At age twelve I got my first guitar. It was not long before I was writing songs and I have been since then. They were my songs and were never heard except by family and friends.

I would constantly say to my Dad (driving him crazy I’m sure) “Dad, all I want is to be in TV Land.”

I never gave up this dream and I finally got my first break at age fifteen, on TV series Movin’ On with actor Claude Akins, a truck driver family show. Many gigs followed. Later I was accepted into the Screen Actors Guild for my many characters and stunts performed in Legend, a TV series with actor Richard Dean Anderson.

In 1995 I had a stunt accident, I’d had many before but this time it changed my direction. I was in a coma for two weeks. Family were told to say goodbye. I had an experience, a vision, there was a light, a voice which I asked “Please, let me die … I can’t take the pain.”

The voice answered and said, “Randy, if you die, you cannot give and tell all you need to share.” At that moment I woke from the coma, surprising all! With new direction and a message to share my songs that are a gift to me, to be given. My right leg was crushed in the accident so I was on a journey of learning patience. Two years down, I’m getting closer to myself and my songs.

I’ve worked with many stars. Charlie Sheen, Drew Barrymore, Stephen Baldwin, Lori Petty, Whoopi Goldberg, and many more. I have trained in Kenpo Karate and weapons, stunts and acting all my life, but my true passion is my music.

I wrote the song Cowboy Heaven from a vision, a dream … This one is special. Wrote for my son who is disabled. To give him comfort. It became his favourite … and favourite saying, “Cowboy Heaven”.

As a child I loved Johnny Cash, and my favourite songwriter of all time is Kris Kristofferson, the king of words. My cousin Virg Warner, who already had two #1 songs on country charts by the time I was age fourteen, was my mentor. He would sneak me in to Lucky’s Nite Club where many stars performed weekly, like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Buck Owens … Virg would get me a table near the front of the stage and I was literally a young man in cowboy heaven!


The first release by SongwriterRandy with Bubblebrain Records will be Cowboy Heaven, the original classic country song produced by Randy with Morgan McRae.