Sanctuary Rocks! at Watersplash Jersey, 26 July 2019

Sanctuary Trust, the Jersey-based charity organisation supporting homeless men in the community, has teamed up with Bubblebrain Records to raise funds by staging a top-notch live music event at Watersplash Jersey on Friday, 26 July 2019. Some of the greatest Jersey music talents are coming together for the cause: FlashMob, The Cryptics, Mispers, Hoodu, and rock musician and label manager Jim Dolan as DJ/host. The first band of the night takes the stage at at 9:30 pm. It’s free entry. Event-goers are encouraged to kindly donate using the links provided below or on the night. Every donation, big or small, is greatly appreciated.

Sanctuary Trust provides accommodation and support to men who have reached a crisis in their lives and need help to get back into society. Supported men can have a range of issues: Homelessness; economic hardship; domestic violence; mental health issues; family/relationship breakdown or addiction issues, be it gambling, drugs or alcohol.

Every donation means a lot to Sanctuary Trust and the men they support. Please donate here with PayPal button or via their JustGiving page by clicking here: Donations

Learn more about the crucial work that Sanctuary Trust does by clicking on the picture link below.

Introducing the bands …


FlashMob’s music can be compared to that of a roller-coaster – fast-paced, heavy on the senses and a whole lot of fun. What started as a mock band who wrote songs that not even the members of FlashMob can bring themselves to speak out loud anymore, quickly became a smorgasbord of sound that prides itself on having the most fun possible on stage.

Sam Delanoe (vocals/guitar)
Sam Mézec (guitar/keyboard)
Martin Powell (bass)
Henry Matson (drums)

Influences: Motley Crue, AC/DC, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Slash


FlashMob ‘Plastic Thrills’ artwork by Sylvain de Razorimages

The Cryptics

One of Jersey’s longest serving bands, The Cryptics have been wowing audiences and making girls dance since the year 2000. They have played far and wide, and shared stages with the likes of the Cynics, the Hentchmen and the Paybacks.

Live shows guarantee dancing, light shows, lasers and the famous Cryptic backdrop of cool and trashy clips projected onto the band as they play. They proudly hold the title of Jersey’s only Garage band – in a field of crusty troubadours and bland cover bands – regularly treating their audiences to a savage blend of Garage, Twist, Beat, and Frat.

Screamin’ Jonny Moth (vocals/harmonica)
GTO (guitar/vocals)
Woody ‘W’ Woodsman (drums)
The Countess (bass)


The Cryptics on the town


Paul Condron-Dorey (vocals/guitar)
Donovan Barrett (drums)
Luke Le Clercq (bass)

To mark the release of their demo Lines of Thought, Mispers met Jazmin L’Amy for an interview about their influences, work process, and plans for the future of the band. Here are some quotes from it, and there’s a link to the whole article below.

How do you go about your song writing process?

Donovan: Paul, that’s the quickest way to sum it up. He does really well with creating melodies and structure which me and Luke will sometimes mess around with too, as well as our own parts. We’re quite keen now to move more towards radio play so we’ve been talking about 3 minute songs with something quite poppy and catchy.

Luke: We just jam along and before we know it we’re like ‘damn we’ve done another 5 minute long song.’ We’re currently labelling everything as a demo just to get people to listen to our music first. With a demo we’ve got that safety net of ‘ah okay they’re just starting out, not thinking they’re too big for their boots.’ Eventually we’d like to find a decent studio over here and record an album, or potentially a couple of EPs.

Paul: Most of our influences come from Foals, Alt-J, Radiohead, Bear’s Den. In some of the melodies we’ve definitely taken inspiration from bands like Keane, who I grew up listening to. The three of us like really different styles of music, Donny is into rock music and I know Luke’s big into punk so it helps to give us that raw sound.

Mispers photo by Yasmin Hannah


3-piece alternative rock band with a wide range of influences.

Luke Hepburn (guitars/vocals)
Lorne Campbell (bass guitar)
Lucas Saunter (drums)

Hoodu’s sound is mainly influenced by heavier artists like the ’90s Sub Pop style with more of a psychedelic feel. Luke has been in a couple of Jersey bands in the past and played at a few events, and also been back and forth doing solo acoustic stuff on Jersey and in Brighton. Drummer Lucas has a lot of experience playing with bands of varied styles, perhaps being best known for drumming with Rat Salad and resident engineer at Orbital Studio. Bassist Lorne has been in the UK for the past couple of years, writing his own music as well as focusing on production.



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