Oas-is – The world’s best Oasis tribute – Interview

Oas-is, the top tribute band, who recently celebrated 25 years of Definitely Maybe at O2 Academy Islington with a show featuring Creation Records founder Alan McGee and a set by official Oasis tour DJ Phil Smith, will be playing at Watersplash Jersey on September 14.

Tickets available from Bookit.je while stocks last – we expect this event to sell out.

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Oas-is are currently busy selling out venues around the UK with their lauded Definitely Maybe 1994-2019 tour. We caught up with them to ask a few questions about what they do and their views on the irrepressible avatars of British rock ‘n’ roll on which they model their act.

Oas-is – The world’s best Oasis tribute band – as seen on Channel 4’s The Last Leg.

Five Oasis fanatics who live and breathe Manchester’s finest band and are now dedicated to giving you the best look and sound that you should expect from an Oasis tribute band.

Oas-is is made up of experienced musicians who have toured all around the world and who take great pride in reproducing the classic Oasis sound with frightening accuracy and all the attitude you would expect from the real thing. No wigs, no fancy gimmicks, just the closest you will get to recreating the sound of Oasis.

What’s the story? Some might say Oas-is are definitely, not maybe, the best tribute out there.

For booking please either send them a Facebook message or email oas-is@mail.com



Who’s who in the band and for long have you been doing this together?

The band consists of Aaron (Liam), Stuart (Noel), James (Bonehead/Gem), Shaun (Guigsy/Andy Bell) and Aaron (Tony McCarroll). We’ve been doing the tribute for six years now, having all come from original bands previously.

What has been your most memorable Oas-is show so far?

We’ve been lucky enough to play some monster shows but easily the one that always stands out is Rock City in Nottingham. We’ve played it twice, both to sold out crowds and the crowd are always amazing. This is the show that always springs to mind when asked but we’ve played lots of great shows to be honest. Oasis crowds are without doubt the best crowds to play to!

Where were you when you heard your first Oasis song?

Most of us have been into Oasis since the early days (’94-’95) so would have been around the Whatever era with Some Might Say and Morning Glory album.

What was the first Oasis record you bought and on what format?

Our Liam is a huge collector so has all the singles and albums on all formats but probably would have been Whatever on cassette.

When was your first time seeing Oasis live?

Our Liam has seen Oasis around 30 times, all over the UK and Europe. His first Oasis gig was Knebworth on the Sunday!

What’s your favourite Liam quote?

Too many to mention! One that always sticks in the mind is from around 2000 – “I’m not into all this morbid music where all these people are in pain, well my ears are in pain listening to your music you twat!”

What’s your favourite Noel quote?

Again, too many to mention! On Liam – “He’s like a man with a fork in a world of soup.”

Have you ever met any Oasis members?

Yes our Liam has met all except Andy Bell and Guigsy.

What is your favourite Oasis line-up?

Difficult one as they all brought something different. Probably from 2000 onwards with Gem and Andy as musically they became a lot better.

Do you own any Oasis memorabilia and if so what and how did you get it?

Yes our Liam is a huge collector and has collected Oasis memorabilia since 1995. He has wardrobes, cupboards and attic space full of all the official releases, promos, rare items, and signed items.

Do any of you fight like Liam and Noel?

No. We’re probably the least rock ‘n’ roll band out there! We all get on pretty well to be fair.

Between Liam and Noel, whose solo career do you prefer?

Either. They are both different in their own ways so it’s just great to have them both release albums and songs.

Back in the ’90s were you Blur or Oasis?

It was always Oasis. However, we all like Blur too to be honest. Our drummer Aaron (Tony McCarroll) is a huge fan of Blur.

You Can Have It All – An Oasis mix by Bubblebrain Records