Metal on Metal

Bubblebrain presents an all-new metal night for the Channel Islands with live performances from The Dust, Masticated, and Apothis. This is gonna be the biggest metal night the Channel Islands has seen in a long time! The islands’ very own clash of the titans featuring heavy hitters from both Jersey and Guernsey.


Prepare yourself to witness some of the most blood gurgling, bone crunchingly heavy riffage of the decade as these axe wielding metal maniacs thrash it out in the Watersplash arena.

Are you brave enough to enter the pit and lose your s**t ?

Are you ready to help blow the roof off the infamous west coast venue and become part of metal folklore legend?

Get your tickets now and we’ll see you on 29th July for some mega metal madness!!!


Vocals – Joey
Guitar – Elio
Guitar – Ryan
Bass – Andy
Drums – Sam

Decapitated, Sepultura, Death, Gojira, Vader, and Origin

Formed in 2008 and hailing from Jersey this death metal group shouldn’t need any introducing as they are one of the most established and respected acts on the Channel Islands metal scene.

As always with the Masticated sound what you can expect to hear is a focus on heavy and technical riffs, fast paced complex drum beats and powerful roaring vocals.

The band are looking forward to a return to gigging and can’t wait to see you in the pit!

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The Dust

Vocals – Matthew T Rushton
Guitar – Michael Smith
Guitar – James McMillan
Bass – Skylar Carlo Simoncelli
Drums – Theo Ibbotson

Metallica, Kyuss, Mastodon, and Parkway Drive

This dynamic heavy rock group originate from the west coast of Jersey and although relatively new to the scene they’ve quickly amassed a growing cult following of fans and groupies.

The band aren’t shy about their sound and proudly fly the flag of classic thrash metal coated with a ‘dusting’ of inspiration from their metalcore idols.

2022 has seen this metal outfit perform a number of shows across Jersey and the frontman certainly knows how to get the crowd whipped up into a frenzy.

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Vocals – Zavier Pike
Guitar – Leon Roze
Guitar – Drew Baudains
Bass – Tom Relf
Drums – Corey Le Moignan

Beartooth, Knocked Loose, and Thy Art is Murder

Now into their second year the group have made a huge impact on the Guernsey metal scene, this has seen the 5 piece rewarded with a prime slot at the famed Vale Earth festival.

Okay let’s dial in some metalcore and add to that a blend of deathcore and you’re getting right to the core of the band’s sound, once being described as “exactly in the middle” of both these genres.

They are now looking to take things further afield and really start pushing on, an eagerly anticipated first appearance in Jersey awaits.

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