Amanda Haywood in Barstow, Southern California
Amanda Haywood in Barstow, Southern California

Amanda Haywood aka Lux Flux is a musician whose innovative works of sci-fi influenced weird electronica range from interstellar dub to the subtlest of ambient convolutions. Amanda is from Chicago, Illinois. She began making music in 1996 starting with her first boombox making mix tapes and funny sound effects. In early 2000 Amanda started making beats using FruityLoops. By 2006 she was composing with Reason music software. Amanda’s life in music is inspired by her father who was in the Northwest Indiana Symphony Chorus. Other influences are her fans, Björk, Tool, Marilyn Manson, Pink Floyd, Rammstein, and new artists she meets.

Amanda has been prolifically expanding her song catalogue with high quality samples, patches, loops and grooves many of which are published on SoundCloud.

Amanda was in a dark ambient duo called Morphe and Mandy, and produced new age soundscapes with electronic duo Portal. In 2011 she co-founded iox Audioware, a company dedicated to producing professional audio plugins for the music industry.

Later Amanda moved on to new trails as Lux Flux continuing to explore the weird experimental music sound of the High Desert of Southern California. She follows her mood and dreams to invent new music genres.

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Lux Flux


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