Death of The High Street – CHANCER

New song from DOTHS, 4 punk rockers from the Midlands

Death of The High Street is a rock band with a punk attitude hailing from the Midlands, UK. Their unique brand of bass driven, lyrically intriguing rock boasts catchy riffs and powerful drum beats.

Following on from their previous release Synergy, their new single Chancer is a headbanging, tear-jerking, insightful powerhouse recorded at Electric Bear Studios. The song was produced by the band who also created the music video.

Chancer – Official Video

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What does the song mean?

The song shines a light on the sometimes difficult reality facing individuals growing up in low income areas, a lack of education and few job prospects, ultimately leading to a life of having to find ways to make ends meet.

The track gives an insight into a day in the life of the Chancer, a Frank Gallagher meets Del Boy character who’ll sell you a new TV just as soon as he’s lifted it from your living room. Ducking, diving and scheming his way through life, Chancer does whatever he can to make sure he’s got what he needs. The second half of the track finds the Chancer alone, reflecting, thinking about the mistakes made and agonising over what could have been.

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Death of The High Street are a creative bunch, not only writing and producing fantastic records but also designing their visuals and making music videos. Follow their channels and be entertained as the story continues.

Andy Purves (lead guitar/backing vocals); Ashley Simpson (bass); Scott Baxter (vocals/rhythm guitar); Joe Hodges (drums)

YouTube – DOTHS Band

Twitter – @dothsband

Instagram – deathofthehighstreet

Spotify – Death of The High Street

Through their previous releases DOTHS have shown they are not afraid to comment on the difficult topics and this single is no exception. CHANCER holds up a mirror to the parts of our society that some people would have us ignore and asks the question, do these people matter?

… Of course, they do.

Death of The High Street and Jim Dolan, London, September 2022

Small in stature, big in frame, Chancer written all over his face