Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Craig Smith is a singer-songwriter living in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK. He has played many venues and festivals including T in the Park (2014), Sziget Festival (2014), and Jersey Live (2015).

Just a lad trying to get through life, living passionately and do what he loves, Craig refuses to be a zombie for the state. “I have one chance at life so I’ll live it my way. I won’t be a slave for someone else’s gain. Peace and die smiling. No regrets. Try everything once. Be that crazy that the world loves.”

Craig is an eccentric with an ecstatic stage presence drawing in a crowd wherever he plays. A joy to watch, he is a fantastic live performer.

He fell in love with music growing up with Oasis who influenced his decision to write his own songs, share his views and express them on stage. Craig covers various artists but mostly performs his original songs. His songs draw out emotion and are a direct expression of his life experiences. Feelings that can’t be conveyed through speech, anything that can’t or wouldn’t be said, flow through his songs. If you want to know about Craig, listen to his lyrics.


Craig Smith performing at the Mechanics