Can work

Before Steve Le Long and Jonny Hill were recruited, Vagus was a duo. On April 12 2015, Gary Law and James Dolan, assisted by Chris Almond, photographed the can. The can is an art object devised to stand for the ineffable mystery of a krautrock-inspired brand. Here’s a small selection of the photos taken on the day including a reduced-size copy of the final image. The photo was cropped square and used for the Electro Looks digital single release. A one-off high quality print was exhibited as part of a group show called RampARTS. The design concept has been developed further by Chris and Gary for a digital collage using an image of La Corbière Lighthouse and by graphic artist Lemmi-James Eaton for the forthcoming split cassette by Vagus and The Gaa Gaas.

20150412 Gary 1
20150412 Gary 2
20150412 James
20150412 James and Chris
20150719 James and Gary
Vagus Can
Vagus Lighthouse