Bubblebrain’s Hot Picks #3 Benny the Moth

Benny the Moth’s signature reggae and ska-influenced alternative rock satisfies mind and body. Particularly impressive is the way that Dozy and James swap roles on drums and bass while keeping the band’s groovy objective locked-on. Tom’s electronically augmented guitar textures bring unexpected colours to the palette. Lionel is a front man with genuine charisma, and whose compassionate, communicative inclination shines in the song lyrics. Emphatically, we love these guys and thank them for their continuing contribution to the Jersey music scene. Benny the Moth represents the island’s musical heart and soul, being a band of socially conscious, spiritually informed deliverers of good times.

00:00 World’s Too Big
04:37 Midnight
10:07 Superstar
15.40 Emigrante
22:07 Downtown
28:37 501
32:45 We All Need Love

Alex – trombone
Dozy – bass, drums
James – bass, drums
Lionel – vocals, percussion
Tom – electric guitar


Live sound mixed by Flavio Martins
Filmed and edited by Chris Almond

Stream and download the audio from Logamp using the link below

Benny the Moth at the Watersplash