Beast Decoys & Oas-is – Tribute videos round-up

Since our last post, we’ve staged live shows by two equally great tribute acts.

Beast Decoys

On Saturday 28th December, it was our pleasure to introduce Beast Decoys to Jersey as they performed at Watersplash with support from Howl and DJ Pip for a midwinter seaside special. Beast Decoys are terrific entertainers, possessing coiled-spring energy as they shimmy and boogie down non-stop on stage. The beats and scratching are spot on, and the vocals are delivered with power and personality, providing familiar satisfaction to Beastie Boys fans.

Carl Dyson – MCA
Carl Golder – Mike D
Ric Hulme – Ad Rock
Scott Rogan – Mix Master Mike

The Beast Decoys’ members all hail from Blackpool, the Las Vegas of the North, and have over twenty years performance experience within the hip hop scene. The Beastie Boys are one of the most inspirational hip hop acts of all time. It’s Beast Decoys’ mission to bring the unforgettable energy of the Beastie Boys to UK crowds for a full live experience.

The version of our 40-second ad that somehow eluded the Facebook algorithm and retained its original soundtrack: (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)


Oas-is were at the Watersplash on 14th September 14th 2019. A rollicking night of consummately played songs, remodelled as artful impersonation. Aaron Clements’ Liam, in particular, was a study of method acting that extended at times to backstage, and out front he appeared to feed off the boisterousness of the crowd to summon sneers and stares behind squarish shades and between the fringes of a Caesar cut that might get him wary looks on a ferry. With local support from Hot Plastic and MSPRS, the event was a big success and proved Bubblebrain Records’ knack for memorable moments of rock ‘n’ roll attitude.

Live sound/stage management: Raw Audio
Audio recording and mastering: Gary Law
Camera and video editing: Chris Almond
Additional video shot by James Dolan
Thanks to David Bailey for stills used in the Oas-is video