The Gaa Gaas – A Video Trilogy

The Gaa Gaas had a productive year releasing their single Close Your Eyes to critical acclaim, headlining the alternative stage at Jersey Live, and collaborating with Vagus on a split cassette release Condensed Tin. Bubblebrain Records’ video editor Chris Almond created impressionistic music videos for two remixes by Arythmol and a film capturing part of […]

Condensed Tin

  The Condensed Tin cassette is now available to purchase. There is only a limited run of 100 priced at £5 + shipping. This includes unlimited streaming, high-quality download, and artwork PDF.   Condensed Tin by Vagus and The Gaa Gaas  A musicassette limited to one hundred copies. Vagus contribute the abrasive and ear-mangling AK-47, a […]

The Gaa Gaas – Close Your Eyes (Movement-2 Records)

Raucous, edgy garage rock/post-punk specialists The Gaa Gaas contribute two versions of their song Indian Giver to our forthcoming digital download and limited edition cassette release in May. Before that they release new single Close Your Eyes on their own label. The official music video by London-based filmmaker Boldizsár CR shows a studio session with perturbing glimpses of […]

The Gaa Gaas

The Gaa Gaas formed after attending a garage punk night called Bomp! hosted by The Cryptics at venues in St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands. The club night made a huge impact on the island’s growing music scene in the same vein as the influential Dirty Water Club in London. After two years of perfecting their […]