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B-Eazy – Made In Meriden (Review)

There is a category of hip hop records dealing with the subject of alcohol and drug addiction. These records can express vividly the paradox of hedonism, being too fun to quit and too damaging to continue. I Feel Like Dying by Lil Wayne and Starting Over by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are noteworthy examples. The appeal of these songs is clear: Fans experiencing similar personal challenges can find comfort and strength in their idols’ testimonies, and the artists help others to find their own way out of the darkness.

Hip hop musician, rapper and lyricist B-Eazy has released an album of this kind in partnership with Bout Dat Online, the media production company working with at-risk young people, engaging and supporting them through a variety of community initiatives. Made In Meriden is, in B-Eazy’s words, ‘a look back on the years 2010-2012 when I was heavily into drink and drugs, battling depression, my girlfriend left me and I’d just became a parent for the first time. It looks at the transition from losing everything to turning my life around and getting it all back. A pretty deep project.’

For the project, B-Eazy has mobilised an impressive team of rappers and producers giving the ten-song set a pleasingly collective feel. Standout features include Verse 1 and JimiDkiD on One Too Many, a frank report from the brink of a wasted weekend. The success of these verses with imagery of numbed resignation and portents of disease, squandered talent, and physical aggravation is in the understated delivery.

Brainwashed with Lloyd Luther and Verse 1 launches from a point of isolated anguish to a dizzying wide-angle zoom taking in a landscape in which governments and media organisations conspire to keep people hooked on lies. This pivotal track provides dystopian context with unflinching clarity, and in Luther’s strident declamations, more than a hint of resistance.

Throughout the album the music is solidly produced, varied and interesting. Particularly striking are the beats of Pimp’s & Ho’s constructed out of slices of Wake Up by the Neville Brothers. Isolated from their origins in the social tensions of New Orleans in the early ’90s, these artfully scrambled chunks of agitated funk provide an effective setting for B-Eazy to extend his metaphor pruriently, shockingly, as if picking at scabs.

A triumph of gilded production and lyrical simplicity is the FabSounds-produced Love is Sienna. Delivered as a father reflecting on reconciliation with his beloved family – the title refers to B-Eazy’s eldest daughter – the accompanying music is a delicate patchwork of blossomy, woozy soul. The congruity of words and music achieves emotional resolution as the album reaches its closing phase. Uncertainties fall away and a redeeming message shines through clearly: ‘All I ever think is love’.

The healing atmosphere is continued in the last track, Don’t Wake Me, with its pastoral neo-folk quotations and its picture of a dad healed and whole again after conquering his demons. It’s probably the most candid and tender track that B-Eazy has produced, even by his standards as a lyricist commendably unafraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Not quite everyone B-Eazy meets in the music industry supports his direction as an artist tackling the subjects of learning, growing, and putting his family at the centre of his artistic mise-en-scène. A promoter once told him rapping about his love for his kids made them uncomfortable as it is ‘too personal’. We couldn’t disagree more with that assessment. This artist, who has been producing tirelessly for over a decade, has just produced his most mature work yet.

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Los Vipers (B-Eazy + SQKY) – Arena Mexico

How’s it going? Please find the audio file and track info for Arena Mexico. Turns out Soundcloud is here to stay and safe to release music on thank god so it can be released on there as a free download! ― United Elementz communiqué



Los Vipers is a collaboration between hip hop artist B-Eazy and decay/grime artist SQKY
Produced by Blazin’
Additional production by DJ Tape Deck King
Mixed and mastered by J-Fab for FabSound Productions

Dedicated to the memory of Prodigy of Mobb Deep

B-Eazy’s Sienthe EP is released in 2018 with Bubblebrain Records
SQKY’s Clubz EP is released September 3 2017 with United Elementz Media/DECAY ERROR

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B-Eazy – Live at the Troubadour (Video)

We proudly present B-Eazy – Live at the Troubadour. Enjoy the video. Bonus material below: A potted guide to United Elementz releases.



B-Eazy has been an effective, positive force on the Jersey music scene for a decade. His stock-in-trade is old skool-infused hip hop with sophisticated lyrics and dazzling metrical dexterity. B-Eazy will be releasing his new EP, Sienthe, in early 2017, the title of which is a combination of his two daughters’ names, Sienna and Zanthe. Sienthe is being produced by Kenyan-born and Jersey-based producer J-Fab.

Since 2015, B-Eazy, also known as Bean Lebouc, has achieved a steady output of digital releases via Bandcamp in association with United Elementz the hip hop brand that he established with graffiti artist SAO 2971.

BeanDOOM (2015) with FabSound Productions is an ambitious pairing of MF Doom instrumentals with Bean’s philosophical musings and poetry jam pyrotechnics.

United Elementz Present Suicide Rock: An Introduction to Hip​-​Hop in Jersey was the next release, also in 2015. With this compilation, executive producers B-Eazy and SAO 2971 recruit an impressive who’s-who of Jersey hip hop past and present. Classic tracks by Eddy West, BJ Myles, Just Muz, J-Fab, Verse 1, U.G, Kinz, MOLE and others make for a substantial collection. United Elementz are shining light on one of the most outlying communities of hip hop, an island mostly known for its cultivation of corporate finance and corresponding economic inequalities. The group release presents a fresh-feeling, small, well-connected hip hop community doing its thing with pride and passion.

Eddy West’s album Hurt (2015), produced by Eddy and DF1, is a joint Revolution Records and United Elementz presentation. Supple vocals with an inventive, luxurious club production deliver Eddy West’s contrasting attitudes of arch belligerency and attraction to the lusty side of life. Real, gritty and powerful sums it up.

The 10​-​Year Plan: 2006​-​2016, an anthology that is far-ranging in its collaborative breadth and stylistic palette, a concept album that achieves in the time-honoured way a biography as origin story with the rapper as faithful hero in adversity, celebrating the rewards of working and loving well, respecting life and others and the gifts of talent. B-Eazy is innately sharing in his work ethic with personality and determining vision that comes through clearly.

Cobwebs (2017): an exotically constructed album threaded with tales of both confusion and clarity, huge hooks and ironic pop sensibility. The single Oh No! was aired on Radio Wigwam’s BANDWagon show, and the album got to No. 1 on Bandcamp’s Alternative Rap album chart. Eirenicon and B-Eazy share vocals throughout, Mad Max guests on the excellent noirish thriller Blurred.

Had this on repeat last night I fucking love it ✌️ B-eazy that’s what’s up bubblebrain that’s what’s up ― James Dolan


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B-Eazy award-winning performer and founder of United Elementz

B-Eazy aka Bean Lebouc is a hip hop artist from Jersey, Channel Islands. He has been releasing music and performing live since 2006 having started recording in 2000 making mixtapes to get feedback from his friends at school and college.

He has performed at many established events including Jersey Live 2012 with U.G, BLKOUT 2015, and the BBC Introducing Masterclass in 2013 at Maida Vale Studios where he got to perform with a live band as a part of BBC Radio 1 DJ Charlie Sloth’s Live MC Session alongside Wretch 32 and Devlin. He has also supported artists such as Stig of The Dump, Blizzard, Miss Dynamite, English Frank, Mr. Woodnote, and DJs Grooverider, Kissy Sellout, James Zabiela and Mike Skinner (The Streets).

In 2014 he set up United Elementz alongside graffiti artist Vince Talcone (SAO 2971) to promote local urban talent in Jersey and promote the four elements of hip hop culture. United Elementz has reached people from the UK, US, Africa and Australia as it continues to grow and push the culture as a whole forward. B-Eazy is also a member of DJ Stefunk’s Jersey Funk All-Stars band as an MC for their live sets which range from hip hop, jazz, funk and soul, and a mix show DJ alongside Reggae DJ Dubsoulvibe releasing the monthly Original Flavaz mix on TrunkOfunk Radio.

B-Eazy is looking to continue to push not only himself but other artists through his teaming with Bubblebrain Records to help gain under-the-radar urban artists the recognition they deserve.
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