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B-Eazy – Live at the Troubadour (Video)

We proudly present B-Eazy – Live at the Troubadour. Enjoy the video. Bonus material below: A potted guide to United Elementz releases.



B-Eazy has been an effective, positive force on the Jersey music scene for a decade. His stock-in-trade is old skool-infused hip hop with sophisticated lyrics and dazzling metrical dexterity. B-Eazy will be releasing his new EP, Sienthe, in early 2017, the title of which is a combination of his two daughters’ names, Sienna and Zanthe. Sienthe is being produced by Kenyan-born and Jersey-based producer J-Fab.

Since 2015, B-Eazy, also known as Bean Lebouc, has achieved a steady output of digital releases via Bandcamp in association with United Elementz the hip hop brand that he established with graffiti artist SAO 2971.

BeanDOOM (2015) with FabSound Productions is an ambitious pairing of MF Doom instrumentals with Bean’s philosophical musings and poetry jam pyrotechnics.

United Elementz Present Suicide Rock: An Introduction to Hip​-​Hop in Jersey was the next release, also in 2015. With this compilation, executive producers B-Eazy and SAO 2971 recruit an impressive who’s-who of Jersey hip hop past and present. Classic tracks by Eddy West, BJ Myles, Just Muz, J-Fab, Verse 1, U.G, Kinz, MOLE and others make for a substantial collection. United Elementz are shining light on one of the most outlying communities of hip hop, an island mostly known for its cultivation of corporate finance and corresponding economic inequalities. The group release presents a fresh-feeling, small, well-connected hip hop community doing its thing with pride and passion.

Eddy West’s album Hurt (2015), produced by Eddy and DF1, is a joint Revolution Records and United Elementz presentation. Supple vocals with an inventive, luxurious club production deliver Eddy West’s contrasting attitudes of arch belligerency and attraction to the lusty side of life. Real, gritty and powerful sums it up.

The 10​-​Year Plan: 2006​-​2016, an anthology that is far-ranging in its collaborative breadth and stylistic palette, a concept album that achieves in the time-honoured way a biography as origin story with the rapper as faithful hero in adversity, celebrating the rewards of working and loving well, respecting life and others and the gifts of talent. B-Eazy is innately sharing in his work ethic with personality and determining vision that comes through clearly.

Cobwebs (2017): an exotically constructed album threaded with tales of both confusion and clarity, huge hooks and ironic pop sensibility. The single Oh No! was aired on Radio Wigwam’s BANDWagon show, and the album got to No. 1 on Bandcamp’s Alternative Rap album chart. Eirenicon and B-Eazy share vocals throughout, Mad Max guests on the excellent noirish thriller Blurred.

Had this on repeat last night I fucking love it ✌️ B-eazy that’s what’s up bubblebrain that’s what’s up ― James Dolan



Bubblebrain’s Hot Picks #1 Carl and the Converted

Announcing a series of Bubblebrain’s Hot Picks, our serendipitous discoveries of musical talent across the stylistic spectrum in and around St Helier.

First up we have Carl and the Converted, a trio with a full songbook of vintage rock ‘n’ roll and the easy swinging feel of a 1950s house band at Sun Studio.



Carl Ibbet – guitar/vox
Chris De La Cloche – drums
Chris Talbot – bass

Audio recorded and mastered by Gary Law
Filmed and edited by Chris Almond

Carl and the Converted on Facebook

Good sounding trio! Very tight and energetic.Lance Eads


Twelve songs from the band were recorded that evening, the six songs featured in the video and another six from later in the set, capturing a relaxed atmosphere in warm, grainy detail with the musicians hitting their stride. All are available to stream and download from Logamp.


Stream and download audio using the link below

Carl and the Converted – Live at The Troubadour March 25, 2017


00:00 All I Can Do Is Cry (Wayne Walker cover)
03:43 La Bamba (Ritchie Valens cover)
07:38 Flyin’ Saucers Rock ‘n’ Roll (Billy Lee Riley cover)
09:53 Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track) (Johnny Burnette cover)
11:55 Trouble Bound (Billy Lee Riley cover)
15:34 Angel of Harlem (U2 cover)


Stream and download audio using the link below

6 more songs from Carl and the Converted at The Troubadour


00:00 Stray Cat Strut (Stray Cats cover)
03:39 If I Only Could (Carl Ibbet original)
05:55 I Love You Only (King Louie Combo cover)
08:49 Twenty Flight Rock (Eddie Cochran cover)
10:58 That’s Alright Mama (Elvis Presley cover)
13:29 You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover (Bo Diddley cover)



Dogrubber Pickle Weasels and other Astounding Stories

Riq Chiznik makes improvised jazz and blues with electronics and a lot of fantastic inspiration. Riq’s sounds inhabit ambient spaces, dissolve into disordered noise, and expand into flamboyant neoclassical mutations. We selected twenty of his pieces and made this long-form mix.


Riq’s instrumentals are brimming with extraordinary inventions and much warmth and wit amongst the dense sonic foliage in this 1 hour 19 minutes of cartoon colour-saturated jazz, ambient bloopscapes and crispy synth manipulations.


A little quirky brain candy noise that goes off like pop rocks on one’s tongue.Kellie Rowley


In the Mixcloud charts its positions were 44th in the Chillout chart , 45th in the Ambient chart and 48th in the Jazz chart. 😀


00:00 A Flurry Of Subtle Strikes On Familiar Spirits
06:14 Victim of a Coup D’état
09:17 A Walk To The Department Store
11:04 Alright Back In This Here Directory
12:47 American Entropy
15:21 Calisthenics On Keys
17:25 Clarinet & Koto – Blended, Marinated, Zapped
21:37 Conkreet Varèse
27:16 Ex Nihilo Exitium
35:25 Greetings from Shakespeare’s Billion Atoms Living in my Body and Probably Yours Too
40:25 Last Saturday Morning in August
44:30 Mygrainertron
49:48 Poser Duck Spot
51:12 Pseudo Science Fiction Lounge Act Warm-up
56:10 Shrew Astronaut Destiny (Instrumental)
61:36 Slavadore Muttrock
70:04 Some Kind of Warning Would Have Been Nice
71:53 Tunnel Of Dark Suede
77:20 Switch Off Biscuit Paint


The Completely Sane World of Riq Chiznik is available from the following online stores

7digital · Amazon · Bandcamp · Clone D\G\T\L · eMusic · hmvDigital · iTunes · Juno Download · Napster · OpenLIVE · Qobuz · Spotify


A huge THANK YOU to Chris Almond of Bubblebrain Records, who produced the video from the footage I shot a few months ago. I’m very pleased with the final product! I enjoy the color schemes on the scenes where I’m sitting at the table. Very unique. Excellent work. Speaking objectively (well not really) I’ve never seen a video quite like this one! ― Riq Chiznik



Dogrubber Pickle Weasels by Riq Chiznik


The 3-song EP contains the single version plus two specially commissioned remixes.

likeallstars’ version of the surrealistic pop song matches the oddity of the original, going far out there.

A delightful remix by Lux Flux in the seldom-explored weaselwave music genre. The version has quirky atmosphere and synthetic animal calls!

The catchiest pop song ever written about nargling in the ears of wizards.

Check out Riq’s Bandcamp page for the latest releases.


Semu Cà – Live at The Green Rooster (Video)

Semu Cà – The purveyors of sonic wonder


The Green Rooster is a music venue in St. Helier that supports live music by fostering relationships and indulging creativity. Stefan Riccio and Dom Pallot are Semu Cà, a duo from Jersey who perform using two loop pedals, bass, guitar, trombone and various other musical gadgets to build voluptuous soundscapes. They exemplify the fascinating underground scene of Jersey with a diversity of forms and influences bubbling up. The musical style is rousing post-rock electronica with jazz and punk influences. This is a very cool band to experience live on stage. Watching this is the next best thing!

Semu Cà mix their own sound live on stage. Bubblebrain Records recorded the audio with a Zoom stereo field recorder and also with an analogue tape deck.



Semu Cà – Live at The Green Rooster, St Helier – 25 Feb 2017


00:00 What’s your favourite pyramid? (edit)
05:10 Memory Panda
09:05 Meteors over Russia
17:10 Chump
22:22 Peter Pan will never land
28:00 Slake
35:14 Diving

Audio recorded and mastered by Gary Law
Video filmed and edited by Chris Almond


Vagus – Live at The Green Rooster (Video)

Alice Gee and James Dolan of Vagus


Vagus on fine form with new songs and a few faves. Alice Gee, Gary Law, James Dolan and Jonny Hill are the new wave krautrock quartet with pop tones and avant-garde sensibility. This is a great set from them, for reasons: They included three songs we hadn’t captured on film before (Leisure, Gravity, and We Were Falling in Love). The audio quality surpasses live recordings we’ve done to date thanks to Gary and his new recording kit. Let’s hear it for #therealvagus and enjoy the show!



Vagus – Live at The Green Rooster, St Helier – 25 Feb 2017


00:00 Autobahn
04:51 Gravity
10:40 Gutsty
16:09 Leisure
21:01 We Were Falling in Love
26:42 Tokyo

Audio recorded and mastered by Gary Law
Video filmed and edited by Chris Almond


The Completely Sane Art of Riq Chiznik

The Completely Sane World of Riq Chiznik, an album of twelve weird and wonderful songs by Illinoisan music producer Riq, comes in its Bandcamp edition with a beautiful e-book of art reproductions, lyrics sheets and other writings. The GIF below shows in miniature the book’s contents with its expressive use of colour and forms.



Riq Chiznik’s graphic work informs the music-making process and vice versa. There is something about the cartoony abstractions of Riq’s colourful art that hangs together with the music. Discoveries in one medium are translated in the other. When listening to a Riq Chiznik piece, one hears a rich stew of influences – condensed ragtime quotations, dust bowl freak blues, free jazz, the furniture utility of Brian Eno’s ambient music, the hallucinatory yarns of Captain Beefheart, the fragmented storytelling of Bob Dylan at his most stoned, the imagery of 20th Century experimental American film and art, the vivid splatterings of Jackson Pollock, the mystical comic book impressions of Don Van Vliet (again!), the delirious unconscious associations of Dalí, the jumbled, nervy neo-expressionism of Jean-Michel Basquiat, all animate Riq Chiznik’s visual and musical inventions.

Here is a selection of pages from the book. Click on the images for larger size.











The digital album of twelve songs plus 37-page e-book can be purchased at The Completely Sane World of Riq Chiznik


The Completely Sane World of Riq Chiznik

A new digital album from Riq Chiznik on Bubblebrain Records, The Completely Sane World of Riq Chiznik is available from the following online stores

7digital · Amazon · Bandcamp · Clone D\G\T\L · eMusic · hmvDigital · iTunes · Juno Download · Napster · OpenLIVE · Qobuz · Spotify

Listen to Dogrubber Pickle Weasels (Single Version), a surrealistic lounge jazz song serving as introduction to the bizarre yet friendly sound of Riq Chiznik. This song is also available on an EP with remixes by Lux Flux and likeallstars.

Twelve songs of experimental comedy, avant-garde electronica and subversive songsmithery. The Bandcamp album package exclusively includes a 37-page e-book of original art and lyrics.

This is my album. w4t24y4 0-e3 I hope you enjoy my album. lkj53nnqnet Walnuts hate me. 53hjl8h7 I had a lot of fun messing with the English language. o h4o2g 92 After years of having it shoved down my throat in school, I have the pleasure of using it how I see fit. m 3ijg49w5 Slippery Johnny Taco Elephants have a habit of building ziggurats in unsuccessful attempts for real estate in the ozone layer. I find spelling and grammar rules restricting in life, so why not break them for fun? i350yqpo h The Chicago Cubs won the World Series and the election. I’m “too senior” to work as a Tax Compliance Officer. I like making a bunch of musical sounds to go along with my profound tales of Western Civilization. Someone help me decide between sushi and nachos and 3-t 30g2 g02v 018 y91 g1v – Riq Chiznik
Riq Chiznik synthesizes hitherto unexplored fusions of American abstract expressionism, poetic experimental practice, and cranky cacophonies to celebrate a dynamic threshold between the deliberations of language and the spontaneity of jazz. – Chris Almond


The Gaa Gaas – A Video Trilogy

The Gaa Gaas had a productive year releasing their single Close Your Eyes to critical acclaim, headlining the alternative stage at Jersey Live, and collaborating with Vagus on a split cassette release Condensed Tin. Bubblebrain Records’ video editor Chris Almond created impressionistic music videos for two remixes by Arythmol and a film capturing part of the band’s triumphal Jersey Live festival performance.

A future-nostalgic daydream of a song by The Gaa Gaas – Arrows (Arythmol Remix)



Arythmol deconstructs The Gaa Gaas’ Close Your Eyes acoustic version, with footwork-influenced beats, bit-crunched synth guitar, and a video that mashes Gavin Tate’s original performance with contemporary footage of Russian bombing missions over Syria.



The Gaa Gaas had top billing on the Saturday night of Jersey Live 2016. Their first show on Jersey in a few years drew a curious, enthusiastic crowd. It rained but the evening was pleasantly warm and the misty atmospheric conditions refracted the stage lights dramatically. Who knew what to expect? The Gaa Gaas are known for hardcore performances with plenty of improvisation. They pulled it off with aplomb and left the fans wanting more.



Condensed Tin

Condensed Vagus Gaa Gaas Tin artwork 1

Condensed Vagus Gaa Gaas Tin artwork 2


The Condensed Tin cassette is now available to purchase. There is only a limited run of 100 priced at £5 + shipping. This includes unlimited streaming, high-quality download, and artwork PDF.

condensed-vagus-gaa-gaas-tin-cassette-234-square A musicassette limited to one hundred copies. Vagus contribute the abrasive and ear-mangling AK-47, a journey more than a song. The Gaa Gaas contribute two tracks, one being an alternative version of recently released Indian Giver and the other is a distinct instrumental version. This first physical release from Bubblebrain Records is destined to be a collector’s item.





Vagus – AK-47

Written by James Dolan and Gary Law
Produced by Gary Law

The Gaa Gaas – Indian Giver (split version)
The Gaa Gaas – Indian Giver (instrumental)

Written by The Gaa Gaas
Produced by Ali Gavan
Mastered by Robert Harder

Cover art by Lemmi-James Eaton

Audio tape duplicated by Fairview Duplication
Website shop powered by Bandcamp
Worldwide digital distribution by AMAdea Music


Vagus – AK-47

On Sunday August 23 2015 the band members Gary Law. James Dolan, Jonny Hill and Steve Le Long, a two-man camera crew (Chris Almond and Lee De Louche) and friends Reinhard Gleisner, Katja Maibauer and Helen Rose got together for filming of session footage and some fooling around in the grounds of a studio. The resulting material was edited and synced to audio before being sent to Laura Grace Robles (Electro Looks) and Tom Hughes (AK-47). Both videos were kindly funded by Jersey Arts Trust.

The new music video created by director Tom Hughes is a witty, freaky action comic featuring a zombie band, interstellar travel by garden shed, and dance routines filmed in Gilbert O’Sullivan’s rehearsal room. The song is over eight minutes long and more like a progressive rock suite than a traditional pop song. Tom Hughes rose splendidly to the challenge by constructing a narrative of the real Vagus versus a band of undead doppelgängers converging in a goofy chase involving the aforementioned shed with an apparent nod to the Infinite Improbability Drive in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The poignant appearance of a deceased starman hurtling into deep space signals the synchronicity of Tom Hughes’ editing work with the news of David Bowie’s death on January 10 2016. There are many other clever details throughout the film to generously reward repeated viewings.


Tom Hughes YouTube

The audio production by Gary Law is a heftier development of the psychedelic electro of the previous single, charged with elements of glam rock and the kind of whip-lashing electronic indie sound popularised by DFA Records. AK-47 will be included on the split release by Vagus and The Gaa Gaas available as a download and limited edition cassette release on May 28 2016.


ak-47 video stills 13

AK-47 lyrics

Thinking for the whole day
When you are alive
What is it you will say
When we are alive
Casualties in our own way
We’re casualties in our own way

Winter is on the way
Nothing put aside
Winter is on the way
Morally disguised
As casualties in our own way
Casualties in our own way

Thinking for the whole day
When you are alive
What is it you will say
When we are alive

Check out all the exits
Seven ways to run
Out on you now
As my soul perplexes
Hands are bound
A shroud in doubt
For you now
Misplaced in your garden
A garden made of stone cold gold
I refuse to hold

I check out
You check in
I can feel you crawling upon my skin
I can sense you feel for thoughts inside
I feel you steal all of their minds

Check out all exits
Seven ways to run
Out on you

I was running on low
I was running on low
Violence coming in an empty vessel as I saw her caressing my soul
AK-47 at my side
Shot a man in cold blood down tonight
To practice my aim
One shot one kill
To practice my aim
One shot one kill
To practice my aim

Check out all exits
Seven ways to run
Out on you

Six six six

Check out all exits
Seven ways to run
Out on you

Song written by James Dolan and Gary Law
Produced by Gary Law