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B-Eazy award-winning performer and founder of United Elementz

B-Eazy aka Bean Lebouc is a hip hop artist from Jersey, Channel Islands. He has been releasing music and performing live since 2006 having started recording in 2000 making mixtapes to get feedback from his friends at school and college.

He has performed at many established events including Jersey Live 2012 with U.G, BLKOUT 2015, and the BBC Introducing Masterclass in 2013 at Maida Vale Studios where he got to perform with a live band as a part of BBC Radio 1 DJ Charlie Sloth’s Live MC Session alongside Wretch 32 and Devlin. He has also supported artists such as Stig of The Dump, Blizzard, Miss Dynamite, English Frank, Mr. Woodnote, and DJs Grooverider, Kissy Sellout, James Zabiela and Mike Skinner (The Streets).

In 2014 he set up United Elementz alongside graffiti artist Vince Talcone (SAO 2971) to promote local urban talent in Jersey and promote the four elements of hip hop culture. United Elementz has reached people from the UK, US, Africa and Australia as it continues to grow and push the culture as a whole forward. B-Eazy is also a member of DJ Stefunk’s Jersey Funk All-Stars band as an MC for their live sets which range from hip hop, jazz, funk and soul, and a mix show DJ alongside Reggae DJ Dubsoulvibe releasing the monthly Original Flavaz mix on TrunkOfunk Radio.

B-Eazy is looking to continue to push not only himself but other artists through his teaming with Bubblebrain Records to help gain under-the-radar urban artists the recognition they deserve.
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Ronny B

Ronny B photograph by SongwriterRandy
Ronny B photograph by SongwriterRandy

I was born in Manila. My background is American-Mexican-Pacific Islander. The artists who influenced me are Madonna, The Bee Gees, Mariah Carey, and Filipino artists Sharon Cuneta, Martin Nievera and Gary Valenciano. When I came to the US my goal was to write my own songs of sadness, heartbreak and joy.

I like all kinds of music but prefer pop because it makes me dance. I loves to dance! At the first club I went to I heard music from Madonna and started dancing out there on the dance floor. Everybody backed up … The DJ played that music and I was just out there enjoying myself. I’m the kind of person who will enjoy dancing ’til my last breath. I put some move on that Madonna music. After I danced the DJ came up to me and said “You really can dance. Did you go to a dancing class?”

I replied “No. It’s natural. I love to dance. I watched some videos on MTV and that’s where I get my influence.”

The DJ said “You’re really good. You’ve got some little bit of Micheal Jackson in you, you have Bobby Brown, you got some Madonna, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears … How do you do that?”

“It’s all in my mind, and I just practice daily. That’s what I do.”

I started writing and recording songs in my High School days. At that time I was going through a lot of sorrows and pain, relationship-wise, and I didn’t know what to do. I just wanted to do something with my life. So, for the very first time, I started writing my feelings and then turned it into music by using a tape recorder and started writing bit-by-bit. My first songs were When I’m Close To You and Doesn’t Matter To Me. I have those early recordings put away because in the future I may use them. I kept it all because it has always been my dream to be a recording artist.

My working relationship with Morgan McRae and Chris Holloway is really fantastic. I would never have had my first single recorded if it wasn’t for them. In 2008, I walked into their Magnatron Studios for the first time. The producer that owns the business, Patrick, and Chris were there. They tested my vocal and from then on started recording my songs.

That was also the year when I successfully auditioned for America’s Got Talent. I went to Honolulu, Hawaii, and took my headset out there in the middle of the beach, dancing, and a couple of people, a husband and wife, saw me dancing and said “Hey, you’re really good at dancing. Is it okay if we film you?”

I said “Sure.” The film of me dancing was sent to America’s Got Talent. It was very raw footage.

I got a call. “Are you Ronny B?”

I said “Yes I am.”

“Why don’t you come to Los Angeles. We want you to audition.”

“You’re kidding!”

They said “No we’re not kidding. We’re serious. You sign a contract with us and we will make you famous.”

The judges were Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff. I did my audition and then went to Vegas for the second round.

I love the audience. Some people think I’m a shy person when they see me but they don’t know that on stage I will go out there and overcome that fear. I love being on stage. On America’s Got Talent, smacking the scenery – that was my idea. At first, yes, I admit, fear got into me when David Hasselhoff buzzed me but I said to myself no no no no no, I would not leave the stage until I get the audience in awe and that was my whole point of view. I remember Jerry Springer telling me before I got on stage, “Do your best out there Ronny B. Show your talent. This is your moment. Give it all you’ve got out there because whatever anyway happens Simon Cowell is watching this and you are talented so go out there, do your best and make it to Vegas.”

For my album I will include various kinds of pop music, dance, r ‘n’ b and slow jams. I also plan to record a P-pop record for my Filipino fans.


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Ronny B at Magnatron Studios
Ronny B at Magnatron Studios


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Lux Flux

Amanda Haywood in Barstow, Southern California
Amanda Haywood in Barstow, Southern California

Amanda Haywood aka Lux Flux is a musician whose innovative works of sci-fi influenced weird electronica range from interstellar dub to the subtlest of ambient convolutions. Amanda is from Chicago, Illinois. She began making music in 1996 starting with her first boombox making mix tapes and funny sound effects. In early 2000 Amanda started making beats using FruityLoops. By 2006 she was composing with Reason music software. Amanda’s life in music is inspired by her father who was in the Northwest Indiana Symphony Chorus. Other influences are her fans, Björk, Tool, Marilyn Manson, Pink Floyd, Rammstein, and new artists she meets.

Amanda has been prolifically expanding her song catalogue with high quality samples, patches, loops and grooves many of which are published on SoundCloud.

Amanda was in a dark ambient duo called Morphe and Mandy, and produced new age soundscapes with electronic duo Portal. In 2011 she co-founded iox Audioware, a company dedicated to producing professional audio plugins for the music industry.

Later Amanda moved on to new trails as Lux Flux continuing to explore the weird experimental music sound of the High Desert of Southern California. She follows her mood and dreams to invent new music genres.

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Lux Flux


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Riq Chiznik

Riq Chiznik

Riq Chiznik’s Sea-Monkey food factory was raided by a bunch of cinnamon pirates. They came, they saw, they scratched the paint off his bathroom stall walls, and flipped him off all at once. Then they took all of his pajamas. So the Sea-Monkey food manufacturing career was in the garbage. Anyway, he was walking home from an owl pellet hockey game one night, when a cosmic voyager suddenly detained him in an alley and imparted musical profundities to him that had been lost for millennia. He told Riq that if he didn’t record music from now on, he would beat him with a toilet brush.

Riq’s mommy was a giant shamrock and his daddy was a slightly bigger red bird. They both liked flowers a lot. As a child, Riq ate many tasty canned goods. He attended twelve years of Martian Chipmunk school. During his seventh year of school, he discovered ancient devices known as cassettes with strange names and words on them. He found them buried in the ruins of FEMA Region 5, right next to Droopy Valley, on an interplanetary field trip. He came back on several more field trips and acquired many other devices known as compact discs. Hundreds. In between trips, he taught himself guitar. He spent his allowance on machines that played this music media. He also bought packs of notebook paper, scratch and sniff stickers that smelled like lunch meat, various varieties of Japanese tea, a real live leprechaun that practised cardiology (escaped after two months, even though Riq treated him with the utmost respect), and a large quantity of frozen Salisbury steak dinners that usually included small helpings of mashed potatoes and corn.

As school went on, he was intimidated into learning about lottery frequencies and deodorant dynamics, but his favourite subject was always English. Then one day during his twelfth year of education, a motley gang of marshmallow demons forced him at accusation point to choose a college or be resigned to a career as a cardboard slapper. He had only minutes to make up his mind, so under spiritual duress he chose the one place that offered him a scholarship: The Illinois Automotive Beehive Institute of Ticker Tape. He spent seven years there continuing his education while singing karaoke in his spare time.

After he graduated, Riq spent five years behind a desk, mostly designing tablecloths and writing credit card advertisements. Then after that, he quit, and started a sea monkey food factory. That business lasted for about two years, until the Cinnamon Pirate Incident. Shortly thereafter he was detained by a musical cosmic voyager in an alley, and immediately began making music.

Riq’s biggest musical influences are Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, The Residents, Brian Eno, and Wesley Willis.

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Riq Chiznik is completely sane and that’s a guarantee!


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One Poet Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Craig Smith aka One Poet is a singer-songwriter living in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK. He has played many venues and festival dates including T in the Park (2014), Sziget Festival (2014), and Jersey Live (2015).

Just a lad trying to get through life, living passionately and do what he loves, Craig refuses to be a zombie for the state. “I have one chance at life so I’ll live it my way. I won’t be a slave for someone else’s gain. Peace and die smiling. No regrets. Try everything once. Be that crazy that the world loves.”

Craig is an eccentric with an ecstatic stage presence drawing in a crowd wherever he plays. A joy to watch, he is a fantastic live performer.

He fell in love with music growing up with Oasis who influenced his decision to write his own songs, share his views and express them on stage. Craig covers various artists but mostly performs his original songs. His songs draw out emotion and are a direct expression of his life experiences. Feelings that can’t be conveyed through speech, anything that can’t or wouldn’t be said, flow through his songs. If you want to know about Craig, listen to his lyrics.
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Craig Smith performing at the Mechanics


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The Gaa Gaas

Gavin Tate of The Gaa Gaas

The Gaa Gaas formed after attending a garage punk night called Bomp! hosted by The Cryptics at venues in St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands. The club night made a huge impact on the island’s growing music scene in the same vein as the influential Dirty Water Club in London.

After two years of perfecting their live show by the end of 2005, the band relocated to Brighton and began touring persistently throughout the UK and Europe gaining a steady fan base in England, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Sweden.

With two EPs under their belts and various songs released on a number of compilations, their second effort Repulsion Seminar received positive reviews and demonstrated a maturing sound and vision.

Debut single Voltaire was produced by James Aparicio and edited and mastered by Robert Harder. It was released on The Playground Records in November 2010. The Gaa Gaas recently released the single Close Your Eyes produced by Ali Gavan, former member of The Electric Soft Parade, on their own label Movement-2 Records. The band is currently based in London and Brighton working on their debut album planned for release in 2019.

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The Gaa Gaas photo by Daniella Jones
The Gaa Gaas photo by Daniella Jones


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Gary Law, Alice Gee, James Dolan and Jonny Hill

With temperance suspended precariously aloft someplace between sanity and a box of classic records, deft timing and a rather curious can of philosophy discovered washed up on a beach in Jersey, conception was complete and Vagus came into existence in the year 2014. It’s a communications company, a company that messes around with instruments. There are no limits, set against a backdrop of a search for purpose and antipathy for anything too much like a structure a religion a farce.

Frontman James Dolan was born into an Irish family in Paddington London. He crashed, snarled and partied his way through the UK scene smashing festivals and studios to boot. Signed to Fierce Panda with The Author back in the noughties he managed to find time to fight with Courtney Love and claim the adoration of Dave Grohl, Zane Lowe and Annie Mac. Record of the week with every release supported by the likes of Steve Lamacq and the late John Peel.

Blended with abstract thought and part musical roots of his hometown back in Wolverhampton instrumentalist and producer Gary Law doesn’t define his style, it’s just an attitude. If it’s slow he’ll play it slow, if it’s fast he’ll play it fast, not just one style ‘he don’t care to try to think like that’. Like a mood he shapes the sound and when you been doing it as long as he’s been doing it ‘ain’t nothin’ but a move’.

Gary and James were joined for rehearsals and live performances in 2015 by former frontman of the Centeniers, keyboardist Steve Le Long, and drummer Jonny Hill known for his work with The Valentines.

Following Steve’s departure from the band, Alice Gee joined on keyboard and backing vocals in 2016.

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James Dolan and Gary Law


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